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March 2007

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So I am now about to make aother entry two months after moving in at good ol' UMaine.

I love this school. That's all I have to say. I have the best of friends right in my own hallway. People are nice, the sports are kick ass and there is always something going on here on campus. And you guys thought Maine was desolate, HA HA HA HA HA! I'm on the club field hockey team and this weekend I have a tourney in Lincoln, Mass. I'm pretty excited for it because I'm not very impressed with the Maine field hockey team, so it has been fun to tool on some of the players here because they will once in a while play with club. It's been fun.

Michelle visited this past weekend and that was a total blast. Chilled with a bunch of people and she basically met everyone within the weekend. Saturday was filled with Whiskey's rugby game and then the football game with a bunch of people from my hall, Bill, Dew, Justin, and many others, including Brian who I finally got to see in his uniform for the Navy colorguard. Sigh, so hot. Asshole though, damn. But hot. Damn.

That night, pregamed by playing Kings, laughed at Whiskey because he was totally wasted/high by 4pm because of a kegstand and was getting Amanda's fish, Seamus, drunk by pouring beer into his tank. You just had to be there, if you look at my facebook, his name is Chris Hirsch and you will see why. Haha. Headed over to Hancock to visit Casanova and his crew and pregamed some more before we headed over to Michelle's first:

dun dun dun


Haha, SAE. Sigma alpha ebsylon. I had a bottle of Razz in between me and Michelle, it was a good time.
Sunday was basically take Michelle to the bus and then watch the Pats game with Whiskey, Bill and Jill in Jill's room.

Wow, that's a long entry and I guess I should start paying attention to my Euro Civ teacher.

Til the next entry within two months!!!


epsilon, my dear.